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Miracle Gro Azalea Camellia And Rhododendron Continuous Release Plant Food 1kg


Miracle-Gro Azalea, Camellia & Rhododendron Continuous Release Plant Food contains a special mix of nutrients specially designed to ericaceous plants twice as big as unfed plants, giving you beautiful, healthy plants with more blooms. These granules have a special coating that allows the plant food to be released in accordance with the plant’s needs, ensuring your plants are well nourished for up to 6 months from a single application. These granules can be scattered and raked into your beds & borders, or they can even be put in to the planting hole with new plants. The granule coating stops any root burn which allows the feed to pass to the roots quicker, giving you faster results.

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Miracle-Gro® Slow Release Azalea, Camelia & Rhododendron Plant Food

Miracle-Gro Azalea, Camellia & Rhododendron Continuous Release Plant Food is the perfect feed for ericaceous, acid-loving or lime-hating plants.

The special mix of nutrients, which includes essential magnesium and iron, ensures lime-hating plants thrive. It produces healthier plants with more blooms and greener leaves.

One application feeds for the whole growing season removing the need for regular feeding.

Can also be used in the planting hole with new plants.

Ericaceous plants

Ericaceous plants are often referred to as lime-hating or acid-loving plants. The most commonly grown ericaceous plants are azalea, camellia and rhododendrons. These plants thrive in a low lime environment (pH 5 to 5.5). If they are grown in soil where the pH is too high, they produce poor growth, few flowers and the leaves tend to become yellowish in colour.

Continuous release advantages

A special coating on the granules controls the release of plant food, so that it matches the plant’s needs. It only releases nutrients when conditions are right for plant growth and when the plants need them. This ensures that plants are not short of balanced nutrients for up to 6 months from just 1 application.

This release ensures steady, even growth – not uneven surges – which is far better for producing strong, sturdy, healthy plants that perform much better in the garden.

The release rate is controlled by soil temperature. The warmer it gets, the faster plants grow and more nutrients are released. This also ensures there is little risk of under- and overfeeding and wastage due to excessive leaching out of the soil or compost – something that can be common with un-coated solid feeds, especially in very wet or waterlogged conditions.

Use after wet winters

After very wet winters, such as the one we’ve just experienced, plant nutrients are washed out of the soil. This means your plants will go hungry and perform poorly if they’re not fed properly. Miracle-Gro All Purpose Continuous Release Plant Food is the perfect feed to replace these nutrients as it releases them steadily when the plants need them.

Use at planting time

Being coated, our continuous-release feeds can also be placed close to plant roots including in the planting hole at planting time because, unlike slow-release feeds, the nutrient release won’t burn or damage the roots.

Close placement of our feeds next to the roots is far better for the plants, as it ensures the nutrients are immediately ready for the roots to use, and ensures they are used efficiently with minimal wastage. This leads to fast establishment and better quality plants that perform brilliantly.

NPK 9-14-19

Size; 1kg (feeds up to 13m2)

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