Unleashing The Wild, A Jungle Themed Wedding Affair

At Woodbank Garden Centre, we are passionate about turning dreams into reality. Recently, we had the honour of creating a truly unique and remarkable wedding for Chris and Beth, whose vision was a jungle themed celebration with minimal flowers. As their trusted florist, we unleashed our creativity and expertise to design stunning foliage arches and unforgettable arrangements, resulting in a truly magical day. We are excited to share our experience and showcase the versatile capabilities of the florist at Woodbank.

Setting the Scene:

The jungle theme came alive from the very moment guests arrived at the church and venue entrances. A lush, verdant archway, created entirely with various green foliage, welcomed everyone into the wedding wonderland. It was truly enchanting, as if stepping into a tropical paradise. The natural, leafy design perfectly complemented the surroundings, leaving a lasting impression on all who entered.

Unleashing Creativity:

Embracing the couple’s vision for a fully immersive experience, we took inspiration from lush rainforests and verdant landscapes. Leaves, vines, and unconventional elements became our artistic tools, enabling us to craft a truly enchanting atmosphere.

Captivating Jungle Bouquets:

While the couple wished to minimize flowers, we seized the opportunity to craft the most extraordinary bouquets. Drawing inspiration for the lush jungle surroundings, we tailored each bouquet to perfectly compliment the theme. Imaginative combinations of tropical foliage, such as monstera leaves, palms and ferns adorned with delicate accent flowers which left everyone spellbound. These unconventional arrangements truly showcased the immense possibilities with our florists.

Beyond the Bouquet:

The jungle theme extended far beyond the bridal party’s bouquets. Throughout the venue, carefully arranged displays featuring tropical plants and bold foliage brought the wilderness indoors. Potted plants, ferns, and cascading greenery adorned every corner, creating an immersive experience for guests from the moment they entered.

Celebrating Nature’s Diversity:

The beauty of this jungle inspired wedding lies in the celebration of nature’s diversity. Chris and Beth’s choice to emphasise foliage showcases how we can embrace the splendour of our natural surroundings without compromising on elegance or sophistication. This wedding serves as a testament to the versatility of our talented team, who relish the opportunity to stretch our creative boundaries.

At Woodbank Garden Centre, we take immense pride in our ability to turn dreams into reality, no matter how wild or unconventional they may be. Chris and Beth’s jungle themed wedding was an exhilarating journey that enabled us to explore the extraordinary synergy between humanity and nature. We encourage couples to embrace their unique visions and challenge us to create something exceptional. With endless possibilities and an unwavering passion for our skills, we are here to make your wedding dreams come true – no matter how wild they maybe.

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